The Alexander Technique - a skill for life

The Technique

Learning the Alexander Technique could be one of the best things you ever do for yourself. Everyday pains like headaches, back pain, and shoulder pain often occur at the end of a busy day's work. Many people accept this as normal. But being more aware of how you sit, stand and move in daily life can help prevent the stress which causes these pains. It can also contribute to your sense of well-being. To be shown how to change your most basic habits is a unique experience and can be very empowering. So look around the website, and if you want to learn something special, get in touch!

Who was Alexander?

Alexander was born in Australia in 1869. From a young age he wanted to be an actor, and he worked and to achieve this. In his twenties he encountered a problem: when he used his voice on stage he would gradually grow hoarse and lose his voice. He consulted doctors and followed their remedies and nothing worked except that rest gradually restored his voice. Alexander realised it was something he was doing himself when speaking on stage that caused the problem, and so he set out to study his movements by looking in mirrors to discover the cause of the problem.


Chair work teaches you to by-pass your normal way of standing up from a chair and sitting down. Normally when you sit down or stand up, you hardly think about it. Your brain has a motor program which it executes and this involves little conscious thought. However, to change this habit, you need to stop the motor program from automatically taking place, and apply your conscious awareness to your movement.


Here are some of the benefits that will gradually unfold: You will learn a technique for taking a rest effectively You will become aware of stiffening your muscles unnecessarily and you will learn to release this stiffness. You will be shown how to change your approach to an activity so that you do it more consciously, rather than according to habit.

Testimonials from my students

Read the reviews of some of our Customers.

I find the lessons challenging and inspiring. In my work as a beauty therapist, I have noticed most of my clients have tense shoulders. I myself suffer from stiff neck and back pain because of long hours working in front of a computer. Since having lessons with Colin, I have felt my body awareness improve. Now I am learning to swim using Alexander Technique!

IT professional & beauty therapist, age 28, female

I was interested in studying the Alexander Technique because I suffer from back and knee pain as a result of my work in a Nursery School. Colin is a patient and dedicated teacher with a clear passion for and knowledge of the Alexander Technique and its history. I feel that I am now more aware of my body and the way that I use it: I also feel stronger and more flexible. I always look forward to the lessons: they afford a welcome opportunity for calm and focus at the end of a hectic working day. I always leave feeling energised, positive and somehow lighter!

Nursery School Teaching Assistant, age 25, female

I was getting lower back pain due to my bad posture, which since starting the Alexander Technique has significantly improved. I also discovered through my lessons with Colin that I had a lot of tension in my shoulders, and this has been greatly reduced as well. I feel that my awareness of my body has increased, and I even feel a little bit taller!

Teacher, age 26, female