The Technique

“You translate everything whether physical mental or spiritual into muscular tension.”

 – FM Alexander

The Alexander Technique is a method for improving the way you use your body. By learning it, you can improve your co-ordination, poise, posture and breathing. You can also improve your self-awareness and self-control, and consequently you benefit from it at a psychological level. You don’t just end up better looking, you also end up with better powers of judgement, so that you don’t waste your energy.

For example, it’s now quite common to sit hunched over a computer all day at work, before spending the evening slumped in a sofa in front of the television. Sitting properly would make this lifestyle much more enjoyable.

Even very active people are likely to waste their energy because the body is not used according to nature’s plan. The people you see walking down the street usually lack the graceful movement we see exhibited by all healthy animals.

Learning the Alexander Technique means making up your mind to get back in touch with your own body – giving up your bad habits of tension in favour of a new and freer, more natural co-ordination.