The Benefits

Here are some of the benefits that will gradually unfold:

  1. You will learn a technique for taking a rest effectively
  2. You will become aware of stiffening your muscles unnecessarily and you will learn to release this stiffness.
  3. You will be shown how to change your approach to an activity so that you do it more consciously, rather than according to habit.
  4. You will learn a technique to change your whole body’s co-ordination by a momentary thought.
  5. You build up a new awareness of the position of your body in space.
  6. Through practising what you learn, you can build up new and correct habits where you unconsciously adopt a better co-ordination.
  7. Your posture gradually improves as your body grows and adapts to your new movement habits. The body becomes more balanced, regaining its natural height and width.
  8. A better co-ordinated person is a better looking person.